Special product charBIT ELAST proVEGET® 52

13. May 2024

SBS-modified bitumen membrane for waterproofing green roofs with a premium thickness of 5.2 mm. The upper surface of the membrane has a coarse-grained natural slate. Above and below the carrier insert made of solid and stretchable polyestervlies is a layer of special SBS-modified bitumen with active ingredients against root growth, which is confirmed by the resistance test according to EN 13948.

Green roofs have been a trend in recent years and have positive impacts not only on the environment. The use of this technology has many benefits – prolonged roof lifetime, reduced thermal fluctuations, rainfall retention, improved air quality, improved microclimate, new space not only for people, noise reduction and aesthetic features.

The method of execution of these roofs depends on many aspects, which should always be assessed by the designer to provide the correct full solution. The thickness of 5.2 mm equals to less risk of human error and thus greater safety and longer waterproofing lifetime. Long-lasting protection against root penetration + resistance to mechanical and static stress + resistance to standing water under green roof.