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Our company was founded by František and Zdeněk Charvát in the 1920s. What originally started out as a roofing company became, within a few years, a well-known Czech manufacturer of tarred and tinted cardboards. During the pre-war period, the company supplied insulation for the Sokol meeting halls and hangars, and it cooperated with large Prague construction companies in supplying comprehensive waterproofing.

One of its most important contracts was providing supplies for building the pre-war border fortifications. The company participated in the direct total realization of waterproofing on the fortress section from Dobrošov to Hanička in 1936–⁠1938. Material was also supplied to large construction companies (Dr. Ing. Karel Skorkovský – Prague, Kruliš and Ing. Bedřich Hlava – Prague) that also participated in providing complete building supplies during the construction of fortifications. During this period, there were about 50 manufacturers producing coated cardboard in the Czech Republic.

The company survived the termination of production during World War II and nationalisation which came just before the planned expansion of the factory and its connection to the railway. During the years 1948 to 1991, the production went through three state-owned enterprises and only type A coated cardboard was produced here, in some periods even in a width of 2 metres.

After 1991, part of the company was returned to Mr. Zdeněk Charvát and the remaining part was privatised. The family initiated extensive restorations, put into operation a second line, founded Charvát s.r.o. in 1993 (which became the present Charvát a.s. in 2001), entered the demanding western markets, and continuously modernized and introduced new products (e.g. bitumen roof shingles). We are the last and only 100% Czech company in our field, and we manufacture all our products in the Czech Republic according to established methods.

In 2014 we invested in production again, this time in new technology, especially in the production of SBS-modified bitumen membranes. The last major investment was the construction of a modern sales and warehouse centre in Čestice.

In addition to the company website (which you are currently reading), we also run the izolinka.cz project, which we call “our blog with the smell of asphalt”. This is an important tool for us to reveal the behind-the-scenes of production and to pass on important know-how to our end customers that they can 100% rely on. Just like on our products.

Charvát a.s.

Company profile

Now Charvát a.s. ranks among the biggest Czech manufacturers of classic bitumen cardboard, both sanded and unsanded, meltable oxidised bitumen waterproofing membranes, SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membranes and bitumen shingles. We also carry barrier packing paper in our assortment. Export creates more than 70% of the total production of our bitumen programme. Our most important sales territories include, besides the Czech Republic, especially Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania as well as Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The products are certified by TZÚS Technical and Test Institute for Construction) according to valid European standards.

The goal of Charvát a.s. is to improve our position on both domestic and foreign markets, to expand the series of our products and to provide better services to our partners. The success of Charvát a.s. on foreign markets is proof of the stable quality of our products, maximum reliability, clearly recognizable place of origin, constant monitoring of laboratories and testing rooms and continuous care for our customers. All products presented in the product list are made in the manufacturing plant of Charvát a.s., Czech Republic.

Czech producer

We are a Czech producer, 100% CZECH OWNER

Family company

We are a family company, we have 100 YEARS OF TRADITION AND EXPERIENCE

Honest products

We produce honest products WITH A STABLE QUALITY and CLEAR PLACE OF ORIGIN

Top rating

We are proud of internationally recognized TOP RATING®

Quality care

We build our business on flexibility and QUALITY CARE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS

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