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Now Charvát a.s. ranks among the biggest Czech manufacturers of classic bitumen cardboard, both sanded and unsanded, meltable oxidised bitumen waterproofing membranes, SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membranes and bitumen shingles. We also carry barrier packing paper in our assortment. Export creates more than 70% of the total production of our bitumen programme. Our most important sales territories include, besides the Czech Republic, especially Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania as well as Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The products are certified by TZÚS Technical and Test Institute for Construction) according to valid European standards.

The goal of Charvát a.s. is to improve our position on both domestic and foreign markets, to expand the series of our products and to provide better services to our partners. The success of Charvát a.s. on foreign markets is proof of the stable quality of our products, maximum reliability, clearly recognizable place of origin, constant monitoring of laboratories and testing rooms and continuous care for our customers. All products presented in the product list are made in the manufacturing plant of Charvát a.s., Czech Republic.

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