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charBIT® V60 S37 FINAL

Oxidised bitumen waterproofing membrane with a carrier of glass fibre mat.

Structure of product

Carrier:glass fibre mat
Lower side:PE foil
Upper side:slate
Covering:oxidised bitumen

Place of use

It is used as a top layer of the multi-layer roof composition for structures of minor importance (carports, garden houses etc.).


Quantity/roll (m2):10,0
Quantity/pallet (m2):150,0

Technical specification

Thickness:3,7 mm
Tensile strength:

≥400/≥300 N/50 mm


≥2/≥2 %

Temperature stability:70 °C


Transport and storage

Packages of roof shingles are transported on pallets. They are stored in warehouses, deposited in a way to prevent direct effects of weather conditions. No sources of heat may be located in their close vicinity.

Method of laying